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Renova Retin A | Generic Tretinoin | Retin A Microsphere Gel

Renova Retin A Cream for Acne
  • Brand:Renova-Retin-A Generic
  • Composition:TRETINOIN
  • Common Brand:Altinac, Atralin, Avita, Renova, Retin A Micro Gel, Retin-A, Tretin-X
Rated 4.1/5 (700 Votes)
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Renova/Retin-A 20gm (0.025%)

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Renova/Retin-A 20gm (0.05%)

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Retin A Microsphere Gel .1% (20 gm Tube)

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Retin A Microsphere Gel .04% (20 gm Tube)

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9Tubes$269.99 US$876.08 US69 %Buy NowPoint Info

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  • Renova Retin A Cream Information

    These are the best brands of Tretinoin, which is an active metabolite of Vitamin A, benefitting the skin in many ways. This cream/gel effectively treats wrinkles, and rough/sun-damaged/mottled skin. Retin-A was initially used to treat acne, but its later use was as an anti-wrinkle product. Tretinoin inhibits certain enzymes [matrix metalloproteinases] from breaking down the key structural proteins of the skin, collagen and elastin. These two proteins maintain the elasticity, tonal and textual quality of the skin. Tretinoin makes the rough or wrinkled skin to shed its dead, outer layer, while facilitating the rapid production of new and healthy cells.
  • Uses of Generic Tretinoin

    Application of Tretinoin [Renova Retin-A] reduces skin pigmentation in people who have a mottled or colored complexion, or if the skin has been damaged to over-exposure to the sun. It lightens "age spots, and helps the skin in producing fresh, healthy cells while the dead ones are being shed. Though the cream/gel does not remove deep wrinkles, it removes the fine wrinkles, making a person appear younger, with a better skin color and tone.
  • Missed application of Generic Renova Retin-A

    If you are applying it daily and forget to apply it one evening/night, just go on to your regular schedule the next evening/night. If you have been told to use it once in 2/3 days, and if you remember within 12 hours about a missed application, you can apply it right then.
  • Renova Over-application

    If swallowed accidentally, this gel/cream can be harmful. Symptoms of a severe chemical reaction can include excessive redness or peeling of the skin, and discomfort. If something causes you distress, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately. US residents can call the US national poison hotline at 1-800-222-1222.
  • Renova Side effects

    Renova Retin-A cream does not usually cause severe side effects. The side effects of using this could include:-

    • Burning or stinging sensation in the skin;

    • Dry skin;

    • Itching;

    • Mild peeling or redness of the skin.

    If you notice an unusual darkening or lightening of the treated areas, or experience severe burning, swelling, itching, or peeling of the skin, or if any other unusual symptoms appear, you should contact your doctor at once.
  • Renova Interaction

    Some of the following drugs/substances are amongst those with which this cream/gel interacts:-

    • Resorcinol - a drug for acne that makes the skin peel;

    • Preparations that contain Benzoyl peroxide;

    • Salicyclic acid - a drug that kills fungi and bacteria, and causes the skin to peel.

  • Renova Contraindication

    Renova is contraindicated with drugs that increase skin sensitivity to sunlight, such as:-

    • Tranquilizers;

    • Sulfa drugs;

    • Antibiotics like Cipro, or Sumycin;

    • Diuretics [water pills] like Thiazide drugs.

    • Both Renova and Retin-A can irritate the skin if used with:-
    • Medicated soaps or shampoos, and shaving lotions/astringents with a high concentration of alcohol/menthol/peel of lime or other citrus;

    • Electrolysis, hair removers or waxes that dry or irritate the skin.

  • Renova Precautions

    • Inform your treating doctor/dermatologist of your complete medical history as well as all the medications [including OTC and prescription], nutritional supplements and herbal products you are taking.

    • Especially let your doctor know if you ever had Eczema, are allergic to the sun, or have any other allergy - especially to Vitamin A.

    • Inform your doctor if you smoke, drink alcohol, or take "street drugs, as these don t work well with Tretinoin.

    • Pregnant or lactating women must consult their doctor before using Tretinoin.

    • Usage of this gel/cream can increase sensitivity to sunlight, wind or cold. Wear protective clothing, use sunscreens, sunglasses, and a hat to protect your skin from sunlight or sunlamps.

    • Use a mild soap to wash your face, but don t wash it more than twice/thrice a day.

    • If your skin becomes too dry during treatment, ask the doctor if you can use another gel along with this one.

    • Don t let anybody else use this gel/cream. When it is no longer in use, or has expired, discard it safely.

    • Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

    • Renova Retin A is not recommended for children below 18, and adults above 71.

  • How to use Renova Retin-A Cream

    For maximum benefit, this cream/gel should be applied at bedtime. Wash the face thoroughly, patting it dry, and wait for about half an hour before taking a tiny drop of the gel/cream and spreading it evenly all over the face. Keep it away from the eyes, any open wounds, nostrils, and mouth. After each application, wash your hands thoroughly. Do not apply more than once a day, or use large amounts, for an oversaturation can irritate the skin. It can take 2-3 weeks for any results to show, and maybe 2 months or so for consistent beneficial effects to appear.
  • Renova storage

    When you purchase Renova Retin-A, remember that gel products are inflammable so keep it at an ordinary room temperature, protecting it from excessive heat or light, and dampness; it does not require refrigeration.
  • Where/Why to Buy Renova Retin A Online from noble

    Buying drugs/creams from our nobledrugstore online pharmacy is not only cheaper, it's more convenient as well. Benefits in ordering Tretinoin from our Online Pharmacy 1. Huge discount. 2. Simple Online Ordering System. 3. Safe and Secure online payment via secure server. 4. Order Id will be mailed to you with which you can track your order status. 5. Fast shipping option.

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