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Buy Generic Clomid, Cheap Clomiphene Tablets

Clomid 50mg and Clomiphene 50 mg
  • Brand:Clomid Generic
  • Composition:CLOMIPHENE
  • Common Brand:Serophene
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Clomid 25mg

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Clomid 50mg

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Clomid 100 mg

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  • Clomid Description

    Clomid [Generic Clomiphene citrate] popularly called the "fertility drug", is the drug of choice in infertility for it helps women to achieve pregnancy by increasing their ovulation. Clomid is available in tablet formulations of 25mg and 50mg. Two of the reasons that lead to infertility in some women are: absence of periods, or an irregular menstrual cycle, which makes ovulating difficult for them. Clomiphene is a selective estrogen receptor modulator [SERM], which is believed to trigger a message to the brain that there is not enough estrogen present, that makes the gonadotropin-releasing hormone [GnRH] to make the pituitary produce and release more of luteinizing hormone [LH] and follicle-stimulating hormone [FSH]. LH helps in producing testosterone, while FSH stimulates the spermatogenic tissues in men and ovarian follicular development in women, which helps in releasing one or more mature eggs for conception.
  • Generic Clomid Uses

    Women, and men, who have a problem in having children, are often recommended Clomid therapy to overcome this problem. Anovulation occurs in a woman when an egg is not released from the ovaries into the fallopian tubes on a regular, monthly basis. Some women suffer from a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome [PCOS] in which there is a cessation of periods, menses are irregular or there is heavy bleeding due to the presence of ovarian cysts, all of which prevent women from conceiving. Women who have taken Clomid have been known to give birth to twins, and even triplets, due to increased ovulation. The leading cause of male infertility is low sperm count. Men's sperm begins deteriorating while they are only in their 20s', with the motility going down every year, increasing their chances of infertility. In men, Clomiphene citrate increases sperm count, and also enhances sperm motility [the ability of the sperm to swim across to an egg].
  • How to use Clomid 25mg or 50mg

    Clomid is usually supposed to be taken on day 3, 4 or 5 of the woman's menstrual cycle for 5 days. The dose commonly prescribed is 50mg a day, which the doctor may increase to 100mg, or more, if required. Most women conceive within the first six months of taking Clomiphene; but if this does not happen, then the gynaecologist may consider other methods of treatment. In men, because of the long time required for sperm maturation [around 70 days], treatment with Clomid has to be taken for at least six months. The medicine can be taken with water. Take the dose just as advised by your doctor.
  • What are Clomid

    If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, or any other symptoms which seem severe or persistent inform your health care professional :

    • nausea

    • pelvic pain

    • eye sensitivity

    • abdominal pain

    • shortness of breath

    • breast discomfort

    • abnormal vaginal bleeding

    • changes in menstrual bleeding

  • Interaction with other drugs.

    Talk to your doctor about the possible risks of using this medication for your condition. Drug interactions can result in unwanted side effects or prevent a medicine from doing its job. Consult your doctor about the possible side effects of using this drug for your condition. Your doctor may need to monitor you carefully for side effects and alter the doses if necessary. Inform your doctor about any other medication you may be taking in any other form.
  • What if overdose Clomid?

    If you suspect an overdose, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately. US residents can call the US national poison hotline at 1-800-222-1222. Symptoms of overdose can include blurred vision, flushing, nausea, vomiting, and stomachache.
  • Notes

    Women: Treatment with Clomid needs patience. Keep all your appointments with the gynaecologist. Discuss your dosage schedules and ovulating times, and follow the doctor's advice on when you need to mate more with your partner to increase chances of pregnancy. Chart your temperature and monthly periods regularly. Men: Be regular in meeting the doctor, and get your sperm count checked as required, to see whether Clomid is helping to increase your sperm count.
  • What if you missed dose?

    If you miss a dose and there's time for the next one, then take the missed dose; but if time for the next dose is approaching soon, then leave the missed dose and take the second one. Never double your dose.
  • Side effects Clomid

    In women, Clomid may cause transient side effects that disappear once your body gets used to the medicine, such as:-

    • Lightheadedness

    • Dizziness

    • Headache

    • Diarrhea

    • Nausea.

    In men, Clomid may cause:-

    • Changes in libido

    • Loss of weight, or conversely weight gain

    • Neurological problems

    • Gastrointestinal disturbances

    • Skin problems [including rashes].

    Should you experience any severe, or unusual side effects, then you must immediately contact your doctor. These could include:-

    • Rashes

    • Hot flashes

    • Stomach/abdominal pain

    • Breast tenderness

    • Abnormal vaginal bleeding

    • Changes in vision, such as blurred vision

    • Changes in mood.

  • Clomid Storage

    Clomid should be stored at a room temperature between 15oC-30oC, away from heat, light and dampness. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    1) This medicine is contraindicated for those women:- 2) Who have unusually heavy uterine bleeding; 3) Who have fibroids in their ovaries; who have any liver or kidney-related problems; 4) Who have an endocrinal imbalance, or any kind of thyroid problem.
  • Clomid precaution and Interactions

    Women should stop taking Clomid immediately once they discover they are pregnant. Lactating mothers must consult the doctor prior to taking this medicine. Men should avoid consuming alcohol, smoking, taking drugs like cocaine and marijuana, hot sauna baths, bicycling, and Generic Rogaine [for growing back hair], as these factors can all lead to low sperm count. Exposure to heavy metals such as lead, radiation treatment, X-rays, cadmium, and arsenic can also lessen sperm production. Intake of multivitamins and zinc, as well as exercising daily can keep your hormonal balance intact and preserve sperm count. It is recommended that both women and men should avoid stress.
    Let your treating doctor know your complete medical history - the ailments you've suffered from; any allergies you have; the medications [including prescription and OTC], nutritional supplements, herbal products you've been taking; and, particularly if you are taking another medicine for infertility. This will help the doctor to know which medicine you may have to drop out, or curtail, and prescribe the right dose of Clomiphene for you.

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