Grandma’s Home Remedies for Weight Loss

01 Jun, 2011

The weighing scale which seems to have forgotten its backward journey, the increasing waistline, and the trying out of an umpteen number of weight loss measures seems to have become a universal obsession.

If that is so, then it becomes important that we know the probable causes of weight gain first.

grandma home remedies for weight loss

Daily routine: Your daily routine might hold the key to your weight problems. Long working hours without proper rest might add to the stress which in turn may lead to increase in weight. If you are an emotional person, then emotional disturbances may result in overeating. Not getting enough sleep may also contribute to weight gain. Improper eating habits like eating large portions, eating high sugar foods, skipping meals, insufficient fiber intake, friend circle mostly consisting of overeaters and a deskbound job may also aid weight gain.

Medications: There are some medications which come with the side effect of weight gain. Some common offenders are antidepressants, steroids, heartburn treatments, diabetes medications, birth control pills and seizure medications among others. So in trying to get rid of one problem, you inadvertently add another.

Life cycle changes: Hormonal changes commonly associated with menopause and pregnancy in women can cause increase body weight. The hardest hit area usually is the midsection. Ageing slows down the metabolism of the body which in turn leads to weight gain.

Weight lifting exercises: Increase in weight by doing weight lifting exercises is actually one the few weight gains which are positive for the body and normally do not pose a problem. This is because the increase in weight is that of the muscles and not fat.

Diseases and Illnesses: There are some diseases which have a by-product in the form of weight gain. Kidney diseases, thyroid problems, heart problems, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, dysfunctional liver, tumors and ovarian cysts among others are some of the disease which may cause weight gain.

Water Retention: Too much salt intake and bloated stomach during menstruation may cause water retention leading to temporary increase in weight.

With weight loss becoming such a monumental issue, it is time to turn to Grandma’s home remedies for weight loss.

Green Tea: Green tea increases the metabolism thereby aiding in burning more fat. Fat burning would then lead to a decrease in weight. Green tea is also an appetite suppressant.

Have the last meal by 7pm: Results have shown that those people who have made it a habit of eating the last meal of the day by 7 to 7.30 pm gradually but surely lose weight.

Cinnamon: This spice is known to particularly target the extra weight in the abdominal region.

First thing in the morning: Lemon juice and honey mixed in hot water and taken early in the morning is an energy booster and induces weight loss.

Apple cider vinegar: Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with sufficient water and consumed in small quantities throughout the day would do wonders to your metabolism and help in burning more calories.

Grilled food: Food prepared in this way contains less fat as compared to when the food is fried.

Steaming the vegetables: Instead of frying or cooking in butter, prepare the vegetables by steaming. This will cut down on a lot of calorie intake.

Do away with the egg yolks: Instead of using one whole egg, use only the whites of two eggs. Getting rid of egg yolks cuts down the fat content and decreases the cholesterol intake.

Excess weight can seriously affect your health and can lead to complications like diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoarthritis, etc. Shedding the extra kilos means fewer health issues, more energy and a healthier life.

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