Natural Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

20 Jun, 2011

Erectile dysfunction which was a common occurrence with men in the age group of 50 years and above in earlier times, has now become a complaint among men as young as 25. Medical experts claim that a hectic lifestyle filled with stress, smoking, excessive drinking, irregular eating habits and lack of physical activity are the chief causes that contribute to the poor functioning of the penis.

natural foods for ED(erectile dysfunction)

There is a plethora of artificial and natural pills available in markets which claim to get rid of this embarrassment faced by men. They might work and the result will be quick but in hindsight, you are simply consuming yet another pill which is bound to become an addiction. Most importantly, it is not healthy since it only suppresses the symptoms for some time only to be back again, not to forget the possibilty of side effects. A better option is to improve your lifestyle by eating healthy and taking care of your body.

Some of the natural foods which can help you overcome erectile dysfunction are:

  1. Vitamin C found in fresh fruits like oranges, guavas, strawberries, papaya, etc. is an effective anti-oxidant. Lime, being a citrus fruit is by far the best source of Vitamin C. It contains folic acid and anti-oxidants in abundance which are vital for the smooth functioning of a man’s reproductive system.


  1. Men suffering from diabetes or heart diseases are the ones most prone to erectile dysfunction. It is essential to revitalize your cardiovascular system in order to get rid of the erection problems. Eat meals which contain fresh fruits and vegetables as they are the best source of anti-oxidants that help fight heart diseases. Avoid processed or junk food, fattening dishes and food items with a high cholesterol count.


  1. Considered as a great source of sexual energy for men by the Aztecs, the highly nutritional fruit Avocado today has been proven to be immensely effective as claimed by scientists. It is loaded with vitamins, potassium content and non-saturated fats which serve two purposes. Firstly, they enhance sexual energy and secondly, they increase the blood flow by treating the heart and blood vessels.


  1. Asparagus also ranks high on nutrition count due to the enormous amounts of vitamins it contains. Vitamin A, C and E, vitamin B1 and B2 along with folic acid, fibre, zinc and potassium are present in this plant. All these ingredients are of prime importance to maintain a normal libido and thereby, sustain healthy erections.


  1. Include whole grains in your meals. They are an excellent source of vitamins, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre.


  1. Young men tend to consume a lot of poultry, red meat and other fattening foods which cause erection difficulties. Men who prefer eating vegetarian food are at less risk of developing this condition.
  2. The male penis is basically hydraulic in nature i.e. it needs proper flow of blood in order to enlarge and function. Olive oil is considered as an excellent food source to improve blood circulation. In addition, it also helps to lower cholesterol. Fish oil can also be used as a substitute.


  1. Lack of the mineral zinc has often lead to erectile dysfunction because of its interference with the reproductive functions. Foods like oysters, peanuts, chick peas, soy foods, almonds, fortified cereals etc. are loaded with zinc and should be included in your diet.

It is essential to be in good physical shape in order to enjoy a satisfactory and active sex life. Consumption of healthy natural foods go a long way in preventing erectile dysfunction and most certainly help you to be the apple of your woman’s eye!

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  1. Izzy Baruch
    January 01, 2012

    My life is over a love to have sex but have ED penis gets erect but not hard, although I eat some of the things mentioned but most likely not the essential ones, thus I will try to change my eating habit.
    Thank you for the information.
    May you have a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR

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