Methotrexate Shortage Prompts Nobledrugstore to Help Out Stranded Cancer Patients

16 Mar, 2012

Free Methotrexate Cancer Medicines


Methotrexate has been a mainstay for a number of years in treating various types of cancers. Since its manufacture, half a century ago, many diseases considered incurable at that time, had a much brighter chance of being cured. But recently patients have had to spend sleepless nights. This has been brought about by the current scarcity of Methotrexate in the U.S. markets. The U.S. government has had to take some major steps in averting this situation from becoming a full-blown crisis. The Government has sought assistance of external countries like India to help in bridging the gap between demand and supply. Nobledrugstore too has got into the act. Always willing to do its turn for noble causes, Nobledrugstore has decided to provide.

Methotrexate sample for free.

Methotrexate is an antimetabolite that interferes with DNA synthesis in the body. It controls the excess cells growth that occurs abnormally in cancerous ailments. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) that occurs in infancy is one of the most important cancers cured by Methotrexate. It is the most common type of cancer that affects children, targeting the patient’s bone marrow and blood. An individual’s bone marrow is the production floor for blood cells, which mature after they have been released. When a person suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the bone marrow produces abnormal amounts of blood cells that do not allow the normal blood functions. If left untended, this cancer can lead to a number of implications and hence it has to be addressed at the earliest. Use of Methotrexate, helps the patient’s body control this abnormal cell growth and is extremely effective in treating ALL

Being such an important medication, its scarcity is spreading a panic amongst parents of ALL affected children especially knowing that a cure is available but can’t be provided due to lack of production is causing enormous frustration. The shortage of this medicine has been a matter of worry for the past few years now. Yet, The issue was not addressed and applications for various generic manufacturers were kept on hold due to bureaucratic procedures. Yet, this shortage was still manageable and the system in place just about managed to sort out the deficit. But, in November last year, the system faced a major blow. Ben Venue laboratories, located in Bedford, Ohio had to be shut down by the FDA for failing safety procedures. Ben Venue has been one of the largest manufacturers of Methotrexate and a sudden drop in overall quantity in the market has taken everyone by surprise. The Government finally woke up but any in-house firefighting measures taken so far are either too late or too less. This has prompted them to allow importing of generic Methotrexate versions from countries like India.

Having heard about the crisis worries from their current US customers and observing that the situation can spiral out of control, Nobledrugstore has taken up the initiative of providing free Methotrexate sample to ease out the shortage. Our readers are requested to spread the word with their friends and family, so that we can reach as many needy patients as possible. Users can also share our facebook page to help us in aiding a larger population.

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Users will have to provide a valid prescription. They will just have to bear the handling & shipping price and confirm their address with Nobledrugstore so that the drug can reach them promptly. Every user can avail one Methotrexate vial with a limit of 20ml (150 – 300mg) within a period of 30 days.

This offer is valid until April 15, 2012. For further terms and conditions, please turn to the product page at:

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