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It is interesting and also misleading that you only post feedback that includes a 5 star rating. I am sure not everyone is that happy with your service. I know I am not and I also know you did not post my feedback. You are not telling the complete truth unless you post all feedback.

Mike M

Posted by Michael M. on 2014-07-24


Posted by Shari T. on 2014-07-08

Like Always, great service.

Posted by LUIS B. on 2014-06-06

I have been using Noble Drugs for three years and have not had any problems. My purchases have been promptly despatched and delivered by registered post. Well done guys.

Posted by David R. on 2014-06-05

Excellent service again. Just a little concerned my protection software warns strongly that your website is unsafe and may contain malware.

Posted by Tom K. on 2014-06-01

I have placed a number of orders from this wonderful pharmacy with no problems! I am extremely satisfied with Noble Drug Store !! Thanks so much! NK, Central CA, USA

Posted by NEAL W K. on 2014-05-30

I was a little hesitant to begin with placing an order for pharmaceuticals with you, but this has been very much better than my other online order. thanks and keep the good work helping us.

Posted by Ahmed W. on 2014-05-30

I was a little hesitant to begin with placing an international order for pharmaceuticals, but this has been my second order now receiving it without any hassles. I trust these guys.

E - Australia.

Posted by Eilleen F. on 2014-05-06


Posted by Judy M. on 2014-04-03

Another time an excellent International service, thanks.

Posted by LUIS B. on 2014-03-26

I received a good product within the time stated on your easy to navigate website. Because of that, your good prices and wide product variety, I would definitely order from you in the future.

Posted by Lucille T. on 2014-03-22

easy ordering process

prompt delivery

affordable prices

authentic oroducts.

Posted by NDUKWE U. on 2014-03-21

Excellent products, service, prices, delivery. Trustworthy!! Highly Recommend

Posted by Virginia N. on 2014-03-19

Absolutely AMAZING customer service! I will definitely be using them in the future for other orders!!

Posted by Alexandra P. on 2014-03-18

Was very pleased with the fast delivery of my products. Your prices are very good and I will recommend you to my friends.

Posted by Theresa R B. on 2014-03-16

Quick and excellent service

Posted by Franck L. on 2014-03-14

Great service, fast shipping, wonderful products!! Absolutely awesome! A + + + +

Posted by NEAL W K. on 2014-02-27

Excellent service and prompt delivery- highly recommended

Posted by JOHN C L M. on 2014-02-26

I just started to use the medicine so I have yet to see results but I was very pleased with your excelent service and prompt respose to my inquiries. Thank you so much.


Posted by Lideta H. on 2014-02-26

Excellent service quick delivery and great value

Posted by taraq f. on 2014-01-28

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It is interesting and also misleading that you only post feedback that includes a 5 star rating. I am sure not everyone...

Michael M.

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